Re: [World] Scaffolding accident on inside addition

Date Thu, 1 Dec 2005 16:10:18 -0600

This is covered on several news organizations, but the best videos (4) and coverage I have seen is on
Fortunately the workers are ok.  They work for Bob Popp in Denver and he has one of the best safety programs I have seen and it is unfortunate for him.
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Subject: [World] Scaffolding accident on inside addition

Hello ALL
I was watching Inside Addition [tv show] last night and there was some footage on a window cleaning scaffolding Smashing up into a building breaking out windows  in high winds. It was very bad the cleaners are ok but the ride and rescue had to be on the news some were. Only caught the end of it.
Any one see that I was hoping to get some more info.... 

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