RE: [World] Fabricating a waiver for pre-existing scratches

Date Mon, 5 Dec 2005 09:10:12 -0600

>>>..some tempered glass has POOR surface quality & possibly it scratches easier due to the fact it was on the roller side.  -- Craig Aldrich<<
The roller side is where you find excessive amounts of fabricating debris that cause scratching on what you call poor quality tempered glass.
There's only one surface quality problem affecting us, not two.
>>>For the record.. i wasn't poking fun,its the dollar figure you used 25 Grand is alot of scratched glass im sure most would realize long before they hit that "DAMAGE FIGURE" something was wrong! <<<
Easy for you to say, but it happens every week somewhere to someone who's been cleaning windows for years.
I made the comment at the Picnic last year that I think we are our own worst enemies on the fabricating debris issue, because sometimes we are so willing to tear each other down that we actually end up agreeing with the glass people who blame window cleaners for the problem.
Just think how long it has taken for you to understand that fabricating debris is the only thing that is causing scratches on tempered glass when proper methods are used.
Now picture a window cleaning crew trying to figure it out for themselves in less than a day.
No hands on fabricating debris seminars, no one sending them hundreds of emails trying to hammer this message home.
These conscientious window cleaners never imagine that a temperer might leave a bunch of invisible abrasive debris baked into one side of the tempered glass. They try changing blades, they try scraping harder, they try scraping lightly, they try changing blades again. And without realizing it, they move on to annealed glass for a while - or they move on to glass that was tempered by a different fabricator - and they start thinking the problem went away. And when the scratch problem seems to start again, they don't realize it's because they are cleaning the same crappy brand of tempered glass again. So they go through the whole routine again. 
The builder doesn't know what's going on, the boss doesn't know what's going on - so what are the window cleaners going to do - walk off the job? 

Gary Mauer
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