RE: [World] Fabricating a waiver for pre-existing scratches

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>>>With the waiver and a confidant attitude on the part of the window cleaner there should be no doubt they were scratched by other than window cleaner. -- Norm Winton<<<
The waiver won't keep anyone from believing the window cleaner was incompetent.
Also - ironically enough - a little forensic work on the part of the builder could prove that the damage occurred when the glass was cleaned.
Would it be possible for a window to be scratched by concrete worker as he knocks off a hunk of concrete, then when painter comes around he adds a few scratches with sandpaper then window cleaner scratches again as he is removing concrete and doing final cleanup.
Doing a little forensic work could the builder prove who did which scratches?
Norman L. Winton Sr.
Vancouver, WA, USA