RE: [World] Fabricating a waiver for pre-existing scratches

Date Mon, 5 Dec 2005 11:21:12 -0600

>>>Doing a little forensic work could the builder prove who did which scratches? -- Norman L. Winton Sr.<<<
No - but you can look at scratches and see that the cause was fabricating debris, trapped and pushed across the surface by a scraper - thereby eliminating eliminate concrete or sandpaper as a possible cause. You can't actually tell who was holding the scraper - but that's not going to be a problem if the window cleaner says he revealed all the scratches when he scraped.
Also - on this business of being smart enough to stop before too much glass gets scratched; If the window cleaner was planning to BS the builder into thinking all of the scratches were already there - when were they supposed to stop and admit they were wrong?

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