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We do chandeliers for some of our customers as an add on to their window cleaning service but, in every instance, our first service was performed on an hourly basis to establish a fair price. Chandeliers can vary extremely widely in the time they will take to clean. We have one that takes 1 ½ to 2 man hours just to clean about 18 small pieces of glass inside and out due to the difficulty of getting to the inside and we have one that takes nearly six man hours because they want us to wet wipe and dry each individual piece of crystal separately and there are probably 150 – 200 pieces … some chandeliers can be done in 15 minutes … others …


If you absolutely have to provide a firm price in advance the best advice I can give you is to try to calculate the time you think it will take based on the method you will need to use and how difficult it will be to get to it.


Michael D. Brinegar


Pride Master, Inc.

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I have to give a bid on cleaning a chandelier this Sunday. I was wondering if any of you gurus out their could give me some info on you bidding process and your procedures on cleaning chandeliers. Thank you for your help.




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