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Are you saying that tempered glass may have fabricating debris or some other defect which will result in scratched glass if a blade is used? What are the characteristics of this other poor quality tempered glass and how do you identify it? Have you ever scratched this poor quality tempered glass that is free of fabricating debris?

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Jim Isaacson
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Subject: RE: [World] Fabricating a waiver for pre-existing scratches
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 20:53:45 -0800 (PST)

Gary Mauer <addressis@removed> wrote:
>>>I myself run into more Poor Quailty Tempered Glass then Fab Deb. but...i can only speak for myself. -- Craig Aldrich<<<
Actually, my original message wasn't about your approach, Craig - it was about the pitfalls of finding scratches in order to get waivers signed, because the window cleaners who do that aren't disc ussing fabricating debris with builders.
I understand it wasn't about my approach Gary,what i am saying alot more Window Cleaners are getting up to speed with the fab deb issue and Poor Quality Tempered Glass.
And i do network with quite a few and do pass along all i can to help them so...they can educate the builder.
But since you brought it up - what do you figure the problem is with "poor quality tempered glass", if it's not fabricating debris?
I would say thats a tuff one but...some tempered glass has POOR surface quality & possibly it scratches easier due to the fact it was on the roller side.
Do you have a "poor quality tempered glass" waiver, too?
No i dont, i run with 2 seperate waivers, pondering the thought of maybe re-wording a few paragraphs in order to cover both spectrums!
>>>...i pitty the poor fool who does that much damage.... <<<
You have probably read hundreds of emails on this subject, and attended seminars. So maybe NOW it won't happen to you - but it might have happened to you before you were exposed to all of that education.
And i Thank You, Dan Fields and so many others for sharing there knowledge with me so im no longer in that vulnerable position.
If it had happened to you before you got up to speed, I would have figured you were trying to do a good job the best way you knew how - the way the builder wanted you to. The builder didn't warn you that they installed self-scratching tempered glass - and if you had noticed scratches while you were working you probably thought they were already there.
And I wouldn't have thought you were a fool for doing that.
For the record.. i wasn't poking fun,its the dollar figure you used 25 Grand is alot of scratched glass im sure most would realize long before they hit that "DAMAGE FIGURE" something was wrong! If it meant examining each pane after cleaning...before moving to the next. Basically i guess it could fall into the common sense category.
This is the "Kicker" for me ...would a builder except paint or plaster even mortar from the window supplier I THINK NOT!
So why do some builders except defective and even ITCHY glass that scratches when cleaned Because...they didn't know until NOW!
With all due respect Gary i have gained an immense amount of knowledge from your site,and others as well!I appreciate all you do for our Industry and especially with the IWCA & Fab Deb.
Im doing all i can to educate other Window Cleaners & Builders and learn myself along the way..its folks like you & Dan Fields that are leading the way for the rest of us! 

Gary Mauer
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Craig Aldrich
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