RE: [World] Fabricating a waiver for pre-existing scratches

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Also - on this business of being smart enough to stop before too much glass gets scratched; If the window cleaner was planning to BS the builder into thinking all of the scratches were already there - when were they supposed to stop and admit they were wrong?
There was no intent to BS the builder. It is merely to inforn the builder and/or owner that there are existing scratches on the glass, which he can see, also since there is damage already that he cannot look to me for any damages. I cover my ass whenever possible.
I have done new construction cleanup since 1956. Everything was quite the same as it is today, except no fabricating debris on tempered glass. So I learned how to cover my ass fifty years ago and the protection shall remain. That is survival not BS.
Norman L. Winton Sr.
Vancouver, WA, USA