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Date Mon, 5 Dec 2005 21:57:51 -0500

I doesn't create any more mess than steel wool by itself would! You don't need a lot of cornstarch or baby powder for the technique to work effectively. You can shake the powder on your pad, with a recycled plastic spice/ seasoning shaker, or you can put the powder in the cap of an aerosol spray can, like some window cleaning products come in, and dip the pad in the powder. Just remember it's a dry method, no liquids or solvents necessary. Remove the bulk with a razor first, then follow with the powdered wool.
Sorbo Stain remover powder also works.
Ross Alexander
Greensboro, NC
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With the baby powder/cornstarch approach, doesn't the baby powder create a mess at the bottom of the window, on the floor beneath the window, etc.?? Just wondering.
Dan Lloyd
Red Wagon Cleaning Service, Inc.
North Carolina