RE: [World] Fabricating a waiver for pre-existing scratches

Date Mon, 5 Dec 2005 21:45:08 -0600

>>>Some glass is just ITCHY!! - Craig Aldrich <<<
You're wrong about that - but I suppose in a way I'm responsible.
A few years back I coined the phrase "itchy tempered glass" to describe tempered glass that was so loaded with fabricating debris that it was just begging to be scratched.
I've always been careful never to mention "itchy tempered glass" without also mentioning fabricating debris, but I guess if someone is getting it wrong, they can trace it back to me.
Anyway, please adjust your understanding of surface problems on poor quality tempered glass. Any of the expressions I use for tempered glass surface problems all refer to excessive fabricating debris on the roller side of some tempered glass.
That would include "self scratching", "high maintenance" and "itchy tempered glass".

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