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I agree!
I agree that the weather caught us off guard, we have been used to cleaning gutters well into the middle and end of December.
I can't see using rock salt or similar product, many roofs are to steep to walk on, and using a ladder to move your way around a house to spread the stuff in the gutter and then have to go back around the house to try and pry the frozen chunks out would take a tremendous amount of time.
If I was behind 12 jobs this might be helpfull but I am behind 150+ jobs so I was throwing a hail mary out there hoping someone might have solution.
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I was able to clean one this week because he had heat strips running through the gutters.  Still a few things stuck in there anyway. 
Even if you put heat strips in to clean them it would take too much time, and wouldn't be very effective since the strips would be sitting on top of the debris (not in the ice on the bottom of the gutter).
I think the cold weather coming so quick caught us all off guard this year.  Last year people were golfing on Dec 6th.   (Its a high of 10 here today). 
Geof White
Valley Window Cleaning, Inc.
Appleton, WI
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I think I know the answer to this question but I figured I would give it a try with all you smart creative people out in this group !
Does anyone have a method of cleaning gutters in cold, cold weather when the inside of the gutter is a frozen block of ice?
I have not been able to clean gutters since the middle of last week and have ALOT of gutter jobs left to do. 

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.
Geoffrey D. Shaule
G&S Window Washing Inc.
Birmingham, MI

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