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Date Tue, 6 Dec 2005 21:00:24 EST

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You suggest that Safe-T Step will "loosen" the ice in gutters. Will it clear the gutters and what type of time frame are you talking about? And, this is including the downspouts, right?
About 3 seasons ago, we had a hellacious problem with ice damming in gutters around here. I made a good bit of $$ going around and raking off roofs, and removing the ice from the gutters.
We would rake the roof, and then put the Safe Step ice melter along the gutter that was full of ice, with an extra "pile" over the downspout. Then we'd go back in the truck for a while & warm up.
After 15-20 minutes, we would be able to come back to the gutters, and where the ice melt had worked in, we could then chip out big chunks of ice, leaves, and debris. If the down still looked plugged, we would either flush with hot water or put more ice melt in it to loosen things up even more.
It took a long time, but people were desperate to get this ice out of their gutters at any cost. We also used portable propane torches on some, but that didn't seem to go as fast.
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