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None of us can say for sure whether or not the two window cleaners were, indeed, asked to sign such an agreement but, assuming there was such a request made and depending on what the agreement said and what it’s indicated purpose was, it could really come back to bite the company hard.


If neither of the two took a copy with them it could be their word against the companies that such a request was ever made. But if they can prove the request was made … just how bad it makes the company look will depend largely on what the documents true and full purpose appears to have been.


a).  If indications are that the company was merely trying to put a lid on the situation and prevent anyone from adding fuel to the fire in hope that the media coverage would die down more quickly … that’s understandable and doesn’t necessarily carry a lot of negative undertones.


b).  If, on the other hand, indications are that the company was trying to cover itself from mistakes on their part which led up to the incident … it will serve to make the company appear immoral and magnify their apparent fault considerably.


If Bob Popp did ask these guys to sign such an agreement … as inferred in b).  … I think that was his second mistake.  If he did so for the purpose outlined in a). … then his second mistake was denying it because that only makes it look like it was done for the purpose of covering mistakes or neglect.


I’m glad the WCs are okay, I’m glad Bob Popp doesn’t have to live with the deaths of any employees on his conscience but, based on what they say the early weather forecasts were for that area, on that day, those guys should never have been working that high. The company was, in my opinion, neglectful if for no reason other than not being aware of or ignoring the weather conditions and forecast. I don’t wish any bad on that company but the bottom line is … they were in the wrong and I believe they will be found in fault by OSHA and will then, almost undoubtedly, lose any suit filed by the WCs. If it were me … I’d get a good lawyer to settle with these guys as soon as possible before OSHAs ruling and too much time to think about it all results in a much higher dollar figure.


Michael D. Brinegar


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>>>But I think this is attorney & media driven for both workers to quit their jobs and sue the company. -- Domingo Castaneda<<<

They didn't sue the company - they just told a reporter they were thinking about it.

Here's another article about how they both happened to quit.,1299,DRMN_15_4295903,00.html

They say they were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, after they asked for a raise. Their boss denies all allegations.

I don't know what media driven means to you, but if nobody cared what happened, they wouldn't be covering it. We're probably not going to hear anything that hasn't already been said elsewhere in the aftermath of some other incident, but I think people will actually be more interested in this story precisely because this sort of thing hasn't been covered before.

It's unfortunate that Bob Popp & company are the first to get all this media attention. They have a stellar safety record over the years and a safety program that impressed everyone who toured their facility last year after the IWCA meeting in Denver.


But this is news.


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