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I’d do it with the ladder itself against the gutter … the same way the standard allows for accessing a roof from a ladder (5.2.11)




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The extra work shouldn't be frustrating if they realize there's twice as much time to get it done.


Gutters are not part of my window business - but I know they are for many.


Anyway, I plan to try Jeff's suggestion on my own gutters which need a 2nd cleaning. A thought I had - since my gutters have so many of those support hanger thingies that get in the way when you're cleaning - is to heap snow melt near each hanger.

That way, I should be able to pry 3 foot sections of frozen gutter gunk out - from between the hangers.


Safety question. Is it OK to set a ladder standoff on the roof above the gutter? Or do I need to be careful to set it on the wall or fascia?



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