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Roof is fine, and actually a better place to put your stabalizer arms than side of the house.  You never want pull the debris over your head and down into a bucket.
I don't want to argue with you guys but you want to be real careful taking out chunks of ice.  Unless is above 32 or 33 degrees, that frozen chunk you try to pry out needs to be pursuaded with a tool or wedge of some type. Anything with a sharp edge can easily rip a thin piece of gutter aluminum, Even a dull rounded edge will rip through a gutter with the slightest amount of pressure.
I know this from Experience, A few years ago I drop some cash replacing some damage my guys did.
I think the answer to my original question is that I am stuck until the temp rises.  May get my wish starting Sunday, I love !
Thanks Gary
Geoffrey D. Shaule
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The extra work shouldn't be frustrating if they realize there's twice as much time to get it done.
Gutters are not part of my window business - but I know they are for many.
Anyway, I plan to try Jeff's suggestion on my own gutters which need a 2nd cleaning. A thought I had - since my gutters have so many of those support hanger thingies that get in the way when you're cleaning - is to heap snow melt near each hanger.
That way, I should be able to pry 3 foot sections of frozen gutter gunk out - from between the hangers.
Safety question. Is it OK to set a ladder standoff on the roof above the gutter? Or do I need to be careful to set it on the wall or fascia?

Gary Mauer
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