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>>> Be specific but be brief and, while it would be wise to educate the customer about fabricating debris at the time you're getting the waiver signed, don't take any responsibility for doing so in writing. -- Michael D. Brinegar<<<


It's interesting to see so many different approaches.

I'm not a lawyer, but I agree that you can get in more trouble trying to explain.

Dan Fields tells me that his waiver is as simple as yours, because he makes a point of educating the builder, but the waiver he recommends to others is wordier, because the education aspect is so important.

You correct Gary.  I believe it's VERY important to cover as many aspects with other window cleaners, since they don't have the education or experience needed on the shorter waivers.

I also worry - when I don't see any detail in the waiver - whether the window cleaner can adequately explain the issue to a builder. And if the window cleaner cannot, then possibly neither the builder nor the window cleaner understand what they are signing.

It's true most window cleaners and builders don't understand the issue adequately, that's why a more complete waiver is necessary.  I recommend a waiver stating an understanding scrapers ARE the standard in construction window cleaning AND scrapers will be used.  All parties agree to this fact before work starts, which kills GANA's BULLetin.


Gary Mauer

By the way, I'll be back on Gary's e-mail group until at least the next IWCA convention.
Thank you.
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