RE: [World] GutterCleaning Question?

Date Wed, 7 Dec 2005 20:25:21 -0800 (PST)

I disagree mike,

   I see lots of beat up gutters from people resting
ladders against the gutters.  The down force will
slightly pull out the gutter spikes and eventually the
gutters front lip will get beat up and ugly, and the
gutters will sag and droop away from the facia board. 

Gary, If i am doing gutters the standaways rest on the
roof, i don't like the angles and awkwardness of the
situation if i rest the standaways just below the
gutters it forces you to have your body to far from
the ladder and reach out and up.  Bad idea. I like to
be shoulders above the gutters.  Its much safer and
easier, and no more time consuming.

Geoff Shalue i am experiencing the same weather on the
other side of Detroit, and i don't have a good
solution.  I am just careful to go light on window
washing these past few weeks and do as much gutters as
i can. Through wise conservative scheduling i only
have 3 gutter cleaning jobs to do, and they were late
calls.  Next send out mailers to your gutter customers
and get a commitment early in the fall or late summer
to have their permission to do the gutters. Tell them
by agreeing early you can GUARANTEE the gutters will
be done, and that late in the season calls will be
done on a first call first serve basis as weather
conditions permit.
   I feel sorry for you having so many gutter jobs
remaining.  One the bright-side it seems to get warm
about once a week last year and i was still getting
calls for gutter jobs in late December and managed to
service them all.  Here's to a relative heat wave in
metro Detroit!

   Jamie Bordato (Mr. Squeegee, Grosse Pointe, Mi.)

--- Mike Brinegar <addressis@removed> wrote:

> I'd do it with the ladder itself against the gutter
> . the same way the
> standard allows for accessing a roof from a ladder
> (5.2.11) 
> Michael D. Brinegar
> President
> Pride Master, Inc.
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> The extra work shouldn't be frustrating if they
> realize there's twice as
> much time to get it done.
> Gutters are not part of my window business - but I
> know they are for
> many. 
> Anyway, I plan to try Jeff's suggestion on my own
> gutters which need a
> 2nd cleaning. A thought I had - since my gutters
> have so many of those
> support hanger thingies that get in the way when
> you're cleaning - is to
> heap snow melt near each hanger.
> That way, I should be able to pry 3 foot sections of
> frozen gutter gunk
> out - from between the hangers.
> Safety question. Is it OK to set a ladder standoff
> on the roof above the
> gutter? Or do I need to be careful to set it on the
> wall or fascia?
> Thanks,
> Gary Mauer
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