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I don’t have any jobs that get as much salt as that sounds like but I think I’d try washing the frames first, flooding the windows rather heavily then wiping the frames down again after.  If that didn’t work then I guess I’d do what you’re doing and ask the groups opinion once again.


Michael D. Brinegar


Pride Master, Inc.

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I need some suggestions from my cold weather colleagues. I clean an office building that is on a main street in Hamilton, Ont. During the winter, salt spray from the traffic covers everything. At different times I have tried cleaning with methyol alcohol, windshield fluid and varying amounts of ammonia, all with the same results. These are:

a) After wiping the dark brown fames/sills,streakes of white residue reappear.

b) Any solution left on the window's edge turns white.

c) Any attempt to detail transfers white back on to the glass.

Any ideas on how to attack this job would be greatly appreciated.

Jack Gillies - Enjoy the View Window Cleaning