Re: [World] Waiver wording

Date Thu, 8 Dec 2005 08:56:08 -0500

The information on my web site helps, along with Gary's site and the IWCA information.  There's no excuse for any window cleaner that has this information not to study it and hand it out.  Then get a waiver for the builder to sign, prior to ANY work being started. 
As I've always stated in the past, education is the answer. -- Dan Fields
This is exactly right.  And it is always the right time to educate.  I have given handouts to builders and to homeowners.  I have been saved from potentially tens of thousands of dollars by educating my cleaners, and then educating my customers, all by using the tools provided by Dan, Gary and the IWCA.
I don't do much CCU, but if I did, I would by handing out this information to any builder that I work with before I ever saw any fabricating debris.  It should be one of the first conversations you have with a builder.  If they are not receptive to the information, you may want to consider severing your relationship with that builder.
I also educate the cleaning companies that sub the CCU work to us.  Everyone needs to know everything they can.
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