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     I feel for you on this issue.  I experienced almost exactly the same thing years ago and we worked out an agreement with the customer that from that point forward my crew was not to move anything other than at extra cost and with his direct approval   a memo would be e-mailed to everyone telling them when we were coming and asking them to remove everything from their sills and/or front of their windows. The memo told them that if they did not do so their windows may not be cleaned. My crews were told to report all areas where windows were skipped due to this problem back to the customer and our customer would, at that time, let them know whether or not they should go back on those areas at an hourly rate. The tendency is to pay our rate for the big wigs and let the peons who failed to move items suffer their dirty windows.


     Does it make you at all nervous about how your e-mail will be perceived by the customer? I handled mine face to face. Sometimes I worry that in e-mail people can imagine an entirely different tone/mood in your words than what you had intended.


Michael D. Brinegar


Pride Master, Inc.

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Hello all,


I received an e-mail this morning from a fairly large customer I  would like to share with you and ask what every one else is doing on the big scale of things.


The E-Mail.........


Good afternoon. The people were here today to clean the windows, and they did a good job, but they made a huge mess in our senior vice presidents office, and he is not happy.  Can we let them know that if they are going to move things out of the way to put them back again.


Huge mess means this VP windowsills were covered took them 20 min. just to clean 8 windows in his office. They just moved what they had to, some off to one side, they had to move stuff (files paper work) on floor to get the windows.


My response was:


Hello Jason,


I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you or any one at this facility. In the past most of the reason for sending out the memo for the interior window cleaning is to ask the office people to remove articles from window sills. Normally we will move(or work around), and replace big planters, furniture from in front of the window to access the windows for cleaning. A lot of the time most of the things found on the window sills in offices are personal items. I have been in offices that it would take 10 minuets to remove all the items from five or six windowsills, then to remember how to replace the items as they were found can also be very difficult and time consuming. Then we have to take responsibility for the personal items if broken during the cleaning.


Because it is our job to service the window, we feel that by moving the items so we can clean the window with out harming the item it's self we have successively completed our task to clean the window. There for because most of the items found on window sills are personal items will your company find it acceptable to pay extra to replace the personal items as they were in the same potion on the windowsill?


Then for our service to except responsibility for personal items if damaged in the process of moving them and replacing them. Most items are would be under the amount of our deductible for insurance and would be replaced from profits. Other items can be pictures and or pitchers frames of family, family photos can be costly to replace, heirlooms an employee didn't want around the kids at home so they put them on the window sill at the office. Our service excepts a lot of responsibility to move these items from harm during cleaning because we have to clean the window, then to replace them after cleaning adding even more responsibility on our company for employee personal belongings.


This is not in any way to say we are refusing to except the additional work . However we will have to reconsider our pricing if we are to add this additional time to every location.


Please let me know if you would like to make any changes to the way your service is completed.




What do you do when an employee said to you I had to spend a extra 1/2 hour moving stuff from 4 window sills today?s


Do you charge extra to spend all this time to move & replace personal items?


Dose any one else just move it and leave it?


We ask them to remove items in a memo and state on a memo the we will remove items if we have to but will not replace them.


Mark S. Reinhart
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