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  Jon A Arreguin
C-THRU Window Cleaning, LLC
Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Jon A Arreguin/Facebook

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November, 2013 Logan Wilder
Crystal Clear Window Cleaning
Greensburg, Indiana, USA
September, 2013 Chris Thompson
Attention to Detail Window Cleaning
Bottineau, North Dakota, USA
July, 2013 Craig Aldrich
Sparkle Window Cleaning
Canyon Lake, California
June, 2013 Jim Spude
Fish Window Cleaning
Beloit, Wisconsin
May, 2013 David McKeen
Western Reserve Window Cleaning

Kent, Ohio, USA
April, 2013 Stephen Hallett
Sonlight Window Cleaning
Little Rock, Arkansas
January, 2010

Steve Miller
Great Lakes Window Cleaning
Lansing, Michigan

February, 2009

John Kieser
Metropolis Window Cleaning
Longmont, Colorado

April, 2008 Corey Goforth
A Better View Window Cleaning
Orange County, California
November-December, 2007 Larry Still
Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning
Corpus Christi, Texas
October, 2007 Mike Draper
Window Medics of Central Illinois
Bloomington, Illinois, USA
August, 2007 Craig Aldrich
Sparkle Window Cleaning
Canyon Lake, California, USA
July, 2007 Chris Hulme
ClearView Industries, Inc.
Santa Barbara, California, USA
May-June, 2007 Tony Cogan
Cogan Window Cleaning
Hutchinson, Kansas, USA
March-April, 2007 Gordon Perrott
Gord's Window Cleaning Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
February, 2007 Steve Hamel
Donald Hamel Window Cleaning Co.
Chicago, Illinois
January, 2007 Paul Gaston
Leo's Window Cleaning
Stephenville, Texas
December, 2006 Ed Samson
Ameri-Clean Commercial Inc.
Northbrook, Illinois
November, 2006 Ryan Wiles
Wiles Windows
Fernandina, Florida
September-October, 2006 George C Fahrlender
On-Location Services
Levelland, Texas
August, 2006 Dave Decauwer
Clear View Window Cleaning
Alta Loma, California
July, 2006 Tim Reinagel
Premier Window Cleaners, Inc.
Thomaston, Georgia
May-June, 2006 Sam Terry
Sparkling Clean Window Company
Austin, Texas - USA
April, 2006 Marc King
Marc's on the Glass, LLC
Chester, Virginia - USA
March, 2006 Larry Laczko
Best Cleaning and Window Service
Magalia, California, USA
February, 2006 Micah Kommers
We Wash Windows
Greenville, South Carolina, USA
January, 2006 Bob Zeolla
Sunset Window Cleaning
Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA
December, 2005 Domingo Castaneda
Superior Window Cleaning
Dallas, Texas, USA
November, 2005 Kim Little
Clear Carolina Window Cleaning
Candor, North Carolina, USA
October, 2005 Michael D. Brinegar
Pride Master, Inc.
Dayton, Ohio, USA
August/September, 2005 Geoff Shaule
G&S Window Washing
Birmingham, Michigan, USA
July, 2005 Geof White
Valley Window Cleaning
Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
June, 2005 Steve Wiseman
Wise-Man Window Cleaning
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
May, 2005 Craig Aldrich
Sparkle Window Cleaning
Canyon Lake, California, USA
April, 2005 Rob Young
The Window Washer
Arlington, Virginia, USA
March, 2005 Mike Hatcher
Window Magic Company
LaVerne, California, USA
February, 2005 Bruce Ferguson
Ferguson Window Cleaning
Murrieta, California, USA
January, 2005 Lianne Miller
Great Lakes Window Cleaning
Lansing, Michigan, USA
November/December, 2004 Cassandra Huffman
Martin's Window Cleaning Corp.
Houston, Texas, USA
September/October, 2004 Bill McDonald
Crystal Clean Windows
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
August, 2004 B A Autery
Black Wolf Window Cleaning
Arlington, Texas, USA
July, 2004 Mark Ahlich
Crystal Clear Vision
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
June, 2004 Dan Stout
Superior Window Cleaning
Portage, Michigan, USA
May, 2004 Scott Grandsard
C&S Window Cleaning
Carpentersville, Illinois, USA
April, 2004 Doug Hadaway
Hadaway & Sons, Inc. 
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
March, 2004 David Lebel
White Glove Window Cleaning 
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
February, 2004 Shawn Gavin
Prism Window Cleaning LLC
Littleton, Colorado, USA
January, 2004 Jeff Klass
First Klass Window Cleaning Inc.
West Allis, Wisconsin
December, 2003 Donald F. Andreatta
Clean Windows & Blinds!
Tampa, Florida
November, 2003 Brian Godley
The Window Wizard
Los Angeles, California
October, 2003 Paul LeGrand
Blue Sky Window Cleaning, LLC
Jeffersonville, Vermont
September, 2003 Glen Holzman
Glen's Professional Window Cleaning, LLC
Salem, Oregon
August, 2003 Donald F. Andreatta
Clean Windows & Blinds!
Tampa, Florida
July, 2003 Manuel Lopez
SunWest Window Washing
Grand Terrace, California
May/June, 2003 Richard Berry
Richard Berry Enterprises 
San Diego, California
April, 2003 Scott Daigle
Skyline Window
Kailua, Hawaii
March, 2003 Michael Visser
Sparkle Plenty
Billings, Montana
February, 2003 Philip Bell
Bell Window Cleaning
Concord, New Hampshire
January, 2003 Warren Rosenthal
Detail Window Cleaning
Indianapolis, Indiana
December, 2002 Robert Lariviere
Looking Glass Window Cleaning
Cleveland, Ohio
November, 2002 Jason Klovansky
Sparkling Clean Windows
Kennewick, Washington, USA
October, 2002 Jim Andrews
Sunshine Window Service

Palatka, Florida, USA
September, 2002 Jeff Lydon
Kama'aina Windows
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
August, 2002 Brian Welker
Great Panes Window Cleaning
Statesboro, Georgia, USA
June- July, 2002 Doug Hodgson
ABS Professional Window Cleaning
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
May, 2002 Jim Isaacson
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
March-April, 2002 Terri Hunter
Clark Window Cleaning
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
February, 2002 Shawn Banach
Quality Window & Pressure Cleaning
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
January, 2002 David McKeen
Fish Window Cleaning
Kent, Ohio, USA
December, 2001 Howard Brooker
Abington Professional Window & Gutter Cleaning
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
November, 2001 Patrick Parker
Commercial Window Cleaning
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
October, 2001 Rich Littlefield
Littlefields Services, Inc.
Ellijay, Georgia, USA
September, 2001 John Riley
Rileys' Window Cleaning
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
August, 2001 Rick Kadletz
Mid Missouri Window Cleaning
Moberly, Missouri
July, 2001 Bill Lussenheide
Sunshine Window Cleaning
Menifee, California
May/June, 2001 Adam Noble
Image Professional Window Cleaning
Brunswick, Ohio
April, 2001 Martin Warman
Sunlite Cleaning Services
Dorset, England
March, 2001 Evan Pyle
Expert Window Cleaning
Baton Rouge,  Louisiana
February, 2001 Ronald Friman
Expert Window Cleaning
Round Lake Beach, Illinois
January, 2001 Aaron Dienes
The Window Specialist
Wenatchee, Washington
December, 2000 Kevin Troughton
K & L Windows 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
November, 2000 Don Chute
Total Home Care 
Marietta, Georgia
October, 2000 Sherri Shelton
McEntire Window Cleaning 
Midlothian, Texas
September, 2000 Norm Winton
Atlas Building Maintenance
Vancouver, Washington
August, 2000 Brett Curtis
Masters Window Cleaning
Perth, Australia
July, 2000 Marcus McKee
Living Waters Window Cleaning
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
June, 2000 Daniel Fields
Fields Construction Window Cleaning
Livermore, California, USA
May, 2000 Troy Liposec
PacifiClear Window Cleaning
San Clemente, California, USA
April, 2000 Lewis Doubtfire
Gleem Kleen Window Cleaners
West Yorkshire, England
March, 2000 Henry Grover, Jr.
Glass Tech Services 
Sanbornville, New Hampshire, USA
February, 2000 Mark Reinhart
Award Window Cleaning Services, Inc. 
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
January, 2000 Larry Boyler
I Can See Clearly Now! 
Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA
December, 1999

David Lebel
White Glove Window Cleaning 
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada